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Portal Tool

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Created whilst at NSC Creative as an internal visualization tool.

I was the sole developer on this project.

I haven’t currently got any screenshots/video as this as it was never exciting enough visually to take them

About #

The Portal Tool was an internal visualization tool that was used during the pre-production and production of Tetrastar Spaceport to preview how different layouts for the physical space before making final decisions.

The tool provided a 1:1 version of the space with accurate geometry, allowing different room layouts to be swapped out on the fly, and media to be previewed to check how it felt in the room.

All of the features of the tool were networked up to 16 players, including synchronized media playback, physics-based interactives, and synchronized Unity timelines.

The tool also had voice chat so that meetings could be held in the space, as well as other useful tools for discussing the space such as a laser pointer.

Tech Details #

  • Made in Unity targeting the Oculus Quest in VR as the main platform.
  • Also supported SteamVR and Oculus Desktop platforms
  • Up to 16 Player VR per room
  • Variety of locomotion options to ensure comfort for all users, even those without VR experience
  • Built-in voice chat