Dog in a Box · Stephen Ray
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Dog in a Box

About #

Dog In A Box is a virtual reality dog building game, allowing the player to step into the shoes of a travelling toy dog maker. As you step into the shoes of the toy maker, you should expect to receive unexpected orders for toy dogs in often strange locations.

Project Description #

Originally created as part of the Solent MegaJam 2018 with the theme “Man’s Best Friend” taking second place overall. The project was developed further in order to release it on Steam.

The original project was created as a two person team, with the final Steam release bringing on a third person to assist with creating the required art assets. During the development of the game it was showcased at Southampton Games Fest.

Project Details #

  • Game Engine: Unity
  • Platform: PC VR (Oculus Rift and SteamVR)
  • Roles: Programming, Designing, Building, and Publishing
  • Collaborators: Roxanne Marshall-Porter & Sebastian Long

Project Learnings #

This project was key for learning the Steamworks backend with building and deploying using Steam and learning the process of releasing a product on Steam including creating the store page and going through the approval process. It was also useful for learning what was needed to take a project from a small gamejam version to a final consumer release. This project was also the first multi-platform VR project that I created, so the differences between the Oculus Rift and the Vive were interesting to learn and get working.